Hi Me In 5 Years

This video was filmed 5 years ago
You better have a million subscribers!
I added some clips from the other hi me videos to this one for context


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    You’ve come a long way (:

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    Alright jimmy, what was the grade you got

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    MrBeast xd

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    Who thinks that mr beast was skinny at that time 💀💀

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    Legends know in 2021 he will 60.7m sub

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    He look cute 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    My birthday is OCTOBER 4 😃

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    humble beginnings

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    You have nearly 100m sub

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    61.9m omg that’s a lot

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    Who comes after corona

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    He called it

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    Who belief this is mr beast!!!!!

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    Wow I just so it and you have 61.9M sub but yeah you know it too

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    Now I understood that jimmy is in university

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    he has 61.9M five years later. He got what he wished for times a hundred xD

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    someone probably asked this already but what did you end up getting on that history test?

  29. ren q

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    i miss this era

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    5 years after my birthday xD

  31. TommySalami

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    He literally got worried at the thought of him DYING

  32. TommySalami

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    Dis weird

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    You have 61.9 million

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    That’s insane!!

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    what was your grade

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    When you don’t have your beard you look so so weird

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    70 milly💕

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    My Fill you 🙏🏽🇹🇭💖

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    Wow, just wow I just can't speak rn

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    Can you give me one laptop please

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    Hi mr child lol.

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    bro u have 61 m rn

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    You have 61.9million

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    Me watching on mr beast birthday

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    Just comment

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    You came a far way

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    You have 50 m

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    This made me cry

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    When I watch you have 61 million

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    😂 loved it

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    in october 4 my brother died

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    61,9 million

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    Cool bruh

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    Does that mean he was 17 at the time 😂😆

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    Now..... !61,8 mio.!

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    Keep it up Mr. Beast. Change and affect more lives with positivity.

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    Correction: 61.8m🙌🏼

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    The past Jimmy wanted 1mil the present Jimmy got over 50mil+

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    Heheh,Smol Jimmy.

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    can’t believe ur only 23 now bruh you look so much older lmao

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    You don’t even have a mil you have 61 mil

  68. Lozan Nazol

    Lozan NazolDegi Síðan síðan

    He was sad, I think that he probably thought that he will never have a good life. He's lucky he have a good life now. I love your videos MrBeast! Keep it up!


    TIKTOK SPECTATORDegi Síðan síðan

    HI MrBeast from 2021🇵🇭

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    And I bet you get a B

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    Well you now have 61.8m

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    Hi Mr Beast I really need an iPhone of any kind please please buy it for me if you can🥺🥺

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    He was taking about how his life is gonna be a failure 😂 bro he now gives out thousands of dollars wdym?!?

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    Hey Jimmy!!!!

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    Legends are watching this after 7 years 😉

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    You jave 10b views

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    0:57 stevens dad from Stevenhe failure

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    I was 5 at this time-

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    Doesn’t that make you 10? Bruh go play with some my little pony little toddler

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    This aged well.

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    Beard is the key.

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    He now have 61 times what he even dreamed 😶 omg he is killing it 🥱🤩

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    Way over 1mill literally 66mill dude that’s crazy

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    61 million

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    On no! We're over 1mil what will MrBeast do! 😜😛

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    Actually 61.8M

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    history studies him

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    u now have 61m in 2021

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    Bro Focus in ur test


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    yeah I wish and hope so that can be it

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    Jimmy your so alward

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    It's 2021

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    Yea im commenting in 2021 may9th

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    for me he has 61 mil

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    you dont have a 1mill YOU HAVE 61.8 MIL

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    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry

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    Thats a lot

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    Jimmy I admire you very much you're my favourite you tuber

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    61 m

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    Mr Beast give me PS5 Please