I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive

This was the most insane thing I’ve ever done
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    who is karl

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    I mean I guessss😉

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    Try cremation too..

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    u are crazyyyyyyyyyyy!

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    My idol

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    You can do 24 hours in track

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    Mr. Beast what is the morse code sentence are you saying in 3:10

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    How can he breath

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    The ac unit to the coffin

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    I dint win 1000$ dollars

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    6:30 "Just vibin’ in my coffin." lmaooo

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    Please watch and react to "To your eternity" i would love to get your reaction on this anime Pc : To Anyone who plans on watching it bring lots of tissues you're gonna need it

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    Really Comfy but no entertainment.

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    This is the dumbest content in the word where jimmy getting oxygen lol 😆

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    I would never

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    love you beast


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    damn mrbeast in danganronpa

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    I would never have done this, respect

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    80m views so.......

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    I watch ur channel every single day

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    Original utubers: doing pranks and mukbangs and reaction, gaming. MrBeast: burying himself, spending millions in his vids, letting a bounty hunter Hunt him. 👁️👄👁️😂😂

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    This is insane bro 💀

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    Awesome 👌🆒️

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    I'm again here in May, 2021. Just for comments!

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    Mrbeast in 2030 : im gonna be burried alive in 4 days

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    "hot russians singles in our area"😂😂

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    I’m the only person that need you

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    How can you eat and drick water im chloe

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    Yout neme is jimmy

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    The Outro is Legend

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    His name is tareq

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    Cute mine craft pig carl has

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    Hello love your videos New subscriber here ‼️‼️🥳

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    but how poop

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    *Mr beast in the coffin* Gen z:we all know we wanted this

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    Everybody gangsta until mrbeast have no air left

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    2:48 Lol

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    I subbed

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    So funny

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    The blanket on the dirt was hilarious

  55. Backup of Fantasy  Prediction world

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    Pubg player do it always lying on bed for 50 hrs

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    ok so do anyboby know what happened to the fly lol?

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    It’s my birthday in a few hours 🥳 🎂

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    The best thing is that when I googled if being buried alive during a tornado is safe, I only had to write “being bu” and then google put the rest of the sentence

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    r.i.p. mrbeast

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    oh god shut up

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    Picking up a camera with my toes is the coolest thing i have done he says

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    💩 in the bottles

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    Having fun buried

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    Buried mr beast

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    Can you do more of these I love them

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    7:21 Karl: is it really him? Me: who tf else would it be?

  67. general kenobi

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    Jimmy: Probably the dumbest thing I've done so far. Me: Probably?

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    At least if there was a zombie apocalypse he would be safw

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    I watch this a lot of times

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    How is it even possible to get 80 mill vews

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    My grandmas have been at it god 8uears now🙂

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    I have it

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    when jimmy feel the weight of the dirt hus face turns red

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    Mr Beast, I'm a new subscriber. You're videos are awesome! Continued success. I love how you gives back. You're a good dude. Much respect. Salute to you sir...

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    wan you say im burled alve it so funnh

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    Did you take your pet fly home

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    Bottle bottle Gatorade bottle

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    Mr. beast if I see you I will love to take a picture you’re one of the most famous Billionaire

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    How is the batteries in still tho?????

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    i saw a bag of dounuts boi

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    I challenge you. Stare into your own eyes in the mirror for 5 hours straight. Blinking is allowed.

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    5:32 😂

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    Chris Karl and Chandler were probably doing the coffin dance on his grave! 😂

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    RGB coffin

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    Mr beast you are Savage

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    He didn't poop 😂

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    Jimmy: *picks up camera with foot* biggest achievement Me: oh what about- **goes on and on**

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    He’s gonna have great stories to tell his grandkids

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    MrBeast in 2069: Destroying Eiffel Tower and surprise France with a taller one..

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